About Field and Field Property Projects & Services

After working in Production for 20 years and being made Redundant, I decided to start my own business. I have been working on renovating houses/gardens as a hobby for 15 years and realised that as have a real passion and drive for it, I wanted to share my experience and knowledge and start my own Business.
Throughout our lives we have been frustrated with unreliable, over priced and not to standard workmanship from a mixed range of companies and service companies. Thinking about what we want from a company when we need some work done leads us to some simple principles... 
            • Reliability
            • Honesty
            • Communication
            • Value for money
            • Piece of mind
            • No hidden costs!


Going for the cheapest price is not always a good approach, there are hidden costs which end up taking over what you considered a budget.    We will thoroughly discuss your budget with you and be completely open with what work is required to achieve your goal.  This may often end up more expensive than 'other' quotes but we gaurentee to stay within the quoted price.
This was the main reason for the formation of Field and Field, to offer all of the above and more..!
Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.